Thursday, March 30, 2006

Don't make the super geek mistake that I made tonight

Funny story that I think people will like. I don’t know if everyone knows what a podcast is or not but essentially it’s a verbal blog. Yup it’s a voice blog that you subscribe to and you can hear a short commentary about whatever. Well I’m not into this because I think it sounds dumb. Well today I was messing around with iTunes (the application I use to play music on my laptop) and noticed this podcast icon. So I clicked away and saw a bunch of podcasts and thought nothing of it because like I said I’m not really into this whole uber lazy geek thing. I like a little work if I’m going to be a geek, I can read so I might as well.

Well I came home from my run today and Sonja was out rock climbing and Tanya, our roommate, went for a run which left the house to myself. This normally isn’t a big deal because I spend most days working from home but tonight I wasn’t working and had no plan on doing work tonight. So ate dinner (boiled potatoes with a can of beans on top. Love it when Sonjas not home) and then I was about to start doing the dishes. Now normally I would turn on the radio or even listen to some music on the laptop while I was doing dishes. Well tonight after a good run I was feeling a little adventuress so I thought what the heck I’ll listen to a podcast while I do the dishes. Huge mistake and this the reason why.

I thought I’ll listen to some light and easy so I dug down and found a track podcast. I was super pumped as I was hoping they would talk about workouts or times or something seriously track geeky. So I turned it on and started doing the dishes and what it was high school coach talking about how thankful he was that he had a job. It was so bad that I wanted to turn it off but my hands were wet and I didn’t want to touch the laptop with wet hands. I tried to blog it out but this stupid American southern accent just kept coming through. “I’m so thankful that Jon Jr. ran over the summer he’s real fast blah blah blah.” It was a total conflict I was getting slowly getting killed by this guy but I knew if I touched the laptop with wet hands that would kill me as well. Thank god the podcast was only 2 minutes since it didn’t actually kill me but I did lose three fingers and one baby toe. Lesson for all those people reading the blog don’t go the next step it totally isn’t worth it.


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