Thursday, March 23, 2006

Standing sucks

So I’m away in Manchester for a conference that the company that I work for has a booth. This means yesterday I spent 10 ours on my feet in nice dress shoes. I’m going to lie my feet hurt and I am totally not used to this. When I work from home I roll out of bed and walk to the living room flip on the computer and start work. I normally forget to brush my teeth until lunch when I stand up and think wow I haven’t brushed my teeth in fact I haven’t moved for the last 4-5 hours, weird. Five hits and then I normally flip the computer off and think about making dinner before I head out for my run. I normally run between 5 and 7 every night for those wondering this is the only time I leave my house when I work home. Why do I bring this up? Well it’s because this is hard standing for 10 hours if your body isn’t ready for it. The run that I went on last night was totally slow because my legs were sore from standing all day.

I was asked why I’m flying home twice. The reason is I have a business meeting in Seattle in the middle of April so the company is flying me home so I’ve just extended it a little bit longer to be home for Easter and the second reason I have a wedding at the beginning of May that I have to attend. Since the TC 10km is a week before I’m coming in a week earlier so that I can run it. This trip is coming out of my not so deep pockets. I have yet to buy this ticket but I think I’ll do that in the next couple of days.

My TC 10km goal was a question that Nick Walker asked about. I would have to say that I’m not really sure how fit I actually am so I’m not sure what my goal is. My club is competing in 12 stage relay against all the other clubs in Southern England and I will be running a 8km stage so hopefully this will give me some indication on how quick I am right now. I had a good workout on Tuesday 16*400m with 45 seconds rest and all the 400m’s were between 67-69 which is OK but it was my recovery that I was really impressed with. Each time the rep was done I was almost completely recovered when the next rep started. This shows me my fitness is coming along nicely I just have to work on my speed a little bit more. Hope everyone is having a nice day.


Blogger Nick said...

Oh Snap! Thats very very impressive saqui. 16x400m with such short rest and fast times too. Great job! Thats awesome man. This will be a sweet battle. I'm so not in the kind of shape you are, but I'm trying. Anyways, thats awesome dude, way to go. Look forward to your return.

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