Monday, March 13, 2006

Last week of running

This past week has been a little crazy for me. On Monday morning I headed up to Dundee Scotland to upgrade a client as well as do some training with them. I was up there from Monday until late Wednesday night. Normally this can cause a major problem with running but I seem to be really motivated right now so I'm making sure that I'm getting all my runs in. Here is a quick breakdown of the weeks running:

Monday:9km easy run after a really hard race on Sunday
Tuesday: 20 min warm up then 2reps of 8 minutes of tempo running with two 1 minute pick ups in the 8 minutes then 1 five minute tempo with a 1 minute pick up. 20min run home
Wednesday off because I was flying and everywhere I went during that day was broken. Eg the train from Heathrow to the nearest train station to my house, which normally only takes 15 minutes, was broken so I had to take the underground so that added 45 minutes to my travel.
Thursday: 8km to meet my group then 10*55 second hills then 7km home. I felt like a fat cow running up a hill my power isn't there yet but I'm sure it will come as I continue to run hills.
Friday:12km easy
Saturday: 20min warm up then 8*3min loops. The loop has a gradual uphill then downhill then a flat section so its good for power, turnover, and maintaining speed. 20min cooldown
Sunday:78 minutes really easy.

My Sunday run was super easy because I'm attempting something new for myself. While at university I used to cruise my long runs and sometimes I would actually push a little to hard. So now I have my heart rate monitor telling me if my heart rate gets above a certain level and if it does I have to slow down. The idea is that I keep my heart rate below 70% of my maximum heart rate. Its something that I was reading so I'll give it a try for the next couple of weeks and see how it all plays out for me. My thought is I may have worked to hard on my easy days while at university when in fact I should have been taking those days easier and having better recovery for my workouts. Who knows it may massively backfire but I think its worth trying.


Blogger Nick said...

Hey glenn,

Where did you race? How long was it? How fast? Details please.


3:32 PM  

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