Saturday, March 11, 2006

British food

I now know why this Jamie Oliver guy has his own tv show. I was at a university cafeteria today for lunch and the choices were the following:
-Fish and chips with green beans
-Some type of gravey meat thing with chips
-Grilled to death chicken with over cooked corn and boiled potatoes with tons of salt on them.

Now I didn’t spend as much time in the cafeteria as I would like because I was with a client and he was paying but I didn’t see any type of salads or even an option for soup. Now I’m sure they had at least one vegetarian option but I didn’t see it so maybe that was the one really healthy choice. Which one did I go for? Well I decided on the Grilled to death chicken with over cooked corn while the two Brits I was with went for Fish and chips. This is a university were the people are supposed to be smart you’d think they would want to feed their minds with healthy food instead of this type of crap. Like I said there may have been a healthier place on campus but I didn’t have time to go look around for it.

rock on I’m going for a run.


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