Friday, November 18, 2005

Dalai Lama, monkeys, and one heck of a view

What do all the things have in common? Well we are currently in the town of the Holy Dalai Lama, we went on a hike and saw monkeys playing in the trees and we have an amazing view from our hotel and it only costs us 6CAN a night. I would post a picture of our view but Robs got the gear for that stuff and he isn't here right now. Rob has taken off to get a massage so hopefully I'll hear how that went later in the hour.

We spent the 3 days in Amristar hanging at the Golden Temple, google it for pictures because it is amazing. We just happen to arrive on the birthday of the founder of Sikhism so there were piles of people there and a huge fireworks display. You can stay a the temple for a donation and like all Sikh temples they give away free food. This temple serves over 50,000 people a day! 24 hours a day you can go in and get dal and a roti and its as much as you can eat. Good dal too let me tell you. The temple is amazing the actual temple is in a middle of a man made lake and is covered in 750kg of gold. Its pretty impressive. The whole complex is the cleanest I have ever seen. They have people constantly cleaning and people entering the complex have to wash their feet and hands. Rob and I both thought the city was really nice and you could tell that there was more money in the Punjab state then the other ones we have been at. We weren't sure what the heck we were going to do next so Rob chatted up this french canadian girl and found out McLeod Ganj was a cool location. We decided to head up here but before we did that we went to the closing of the border cermony between Pakistan and India. How this works is both sides have huge stands that they fill up with people from there country and they hell at each other from each side of the border. There was a good couple of thousand people on both sides of the border and they do this every night its crazy. Totally not what we expected but well worth the hour to get out there and the hour to watch the closing of the border. Both sides have flag waving and marching and they lower their flags at the same time to show that neither country is superior. You have to wonder who the heck would make this a tourist attaction but we went and we really enjoyed it so I guess it was a good idea. We saw a dude with an awesome mustache, something Rob is attempting to grow right now. I think Rob has a couple of years before he can really complete. Once again you'll have to wait to see the pic of this dudes stachee.

We did some hiking today and went to the home of the Lama himself but he wasn't around. Something to do with being busy trying to free a country or something. I think its an excuse myself. I did go to the Tibetan museum and it was really sad to see all the images of the destroyed holy places in Tibet. Something like 90% of all their holy sites have been destroyed by the Chinese, really sickening to see.

Our plan? Hhahahaah thats funny because we haven't had a plan since we came to India is maybe to hang out here for a couple of days and take some yoga classes, I was hoping to maybe take an intro to buddism since I don't know that much about it but who knows what we will actually do. There are some nice hikes here so we may go hiking for a couple of days.


In an ealier post I said Sringar was safe well I think Rob and I left at the right time because there have been two major bomb blasts in the downtown part in the past couple of days. One of the bombs was pretty close to where we were staying. I don't think we would have been a target because we were staying on the houseboats but who knows. I'm just glad we left when we did.



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