Monday, October 10, 2005

New Roommate

Some of you know that we now have a fourth person living with us now. She has been following my blog and today while I was working away (I was actually trying to figure out what my workout was going to be) she asked me if I had blogged today. I responded that I hadn't and asked if she would like to write something on the blog so here it is from our new roommate Erin:

"Hi I'm Erin and I'm Glenn's new roommate and I just arrived on Friday. I came without job. I'm crazy! I know Glenn and Sonja from UVIC. Sonja and I worked in Residence together and now we live in LONDON! I just can't get over it. Glenn is an excellent roommate. He cooks dinner for all of us every night and he even scrubbed the toilet yesterday. I'm really going to miss him when he goes to India."

So there you have it our new roomate. I can't believe that she moved to london without a job but let me tell you something since I live here right now. I think if you have an education or a skill you'll have zero trouble finding a job in London. There just seems to be so much work in this city it is crazy. Today like almost everyday I was called about going to an interview which I kindly turned down because I wasn't interested in commuting an hour each day to work. Oh ya I have a job and I'm about to leave london in less then two weeks to head to India probably good reasons not to worry to much about work.
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