Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Silly me

So I've blogged how I should have learned how to be a locksmith. Well today I could have really used that skill. I ran out the door to head downstairs to see if the modem had arrived in the mail because it was supposed to be here last friday and I was sure it was going to be here. Well when you leave our house the door automatically locks behind you. Well guess what 2 1/2 hours later and sixty pounds less in my pocket I was allowed to get back into my house. Yup I locked myself out and had to wait for the locksmith to come and let me back in. But the good thing about this was he showed me how to break into my place, its actually really easy so I think I'll get some stuff and give it a try soon because it looked like a lot of fun. Oh and guess what no internet at home still. I'm fully going to learn how to pick locks because I think it would be fun to bust into my house.


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