Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Hot water please come back

We had it and now we don’t!!!! Man I love this country we have two different people come and look at it and both times they think something else it wrong. I’m telling you I should take a online course so that I can fix this darn thing. You know the ones I’m talking about. “Call now and you to can be a trained professional in one of the following trades” then they ramble out thirty crappy jobs that you wouldn’t want anyways. “We will send you the books and you can study on your own time. Pass the tests when you get a chance and in only 6 easy weeks you will be bring in real money” Sounds good sign me up for lock picking and furnace fixing.

Lock picking you say? Ya I’ve always wanted to learn how to pick locks. Show me one kid who doesn’t want to learn to pick locks. I would love to be able to do it. Really I have no use for learning to pick locks but come on it would totally be fun to pull that skill out when you are with your buddies after a night of drinking and the dude you are staying with has gone home with some ditch pig. You were locked out but you pull your lock picking skills out and soon you are raiding his fridge. He comes home and you have eaten everything in his fridge and all his ice cream. Everyone knows I love ice cream so that would be the first thing I would hit. Ok I’m running out of time at the internet café. Man I should learn to type quicker so all my friends would get emails.



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