Friday, October 07, 2005

Best of luck this weekend

I have a lot of friends and family running this weekend. Good luck to the vikes running beacon hill this weekend. I will not lie to any of you the course sucks and oh the race you ran last week was a few hundred metres short. So I hope it isn't raining and I hope you guys get some good spikes because I know what happens when you have crappy spikes you get these really nasty things on your heels.

My family Michelle, Uncle David, Auntie Sandra-may, and a new recruite to the family Patience (sorry if I spelled your name wrong I'm like your soon to be husband I can't spell) will all be running the half on Sunday. So I hope you all the best on a very beautiful course and I hope it goes well for you. Michelle I'm glad to see you running this course after what happened last time (fainted near the line).


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