Saturday, November 12, 2005

Delhi Belly 2 Rob and Glenn zero

Before you start reading this be warned that it is about our movements and nothing else. I'll speak about what we having been having and things we haven't been having.

You were warned so if you think this is sick and you don't want to read this post please skip over it and I don't want to hear any complains from any of you.

OK that being said lets "Drop it like its Hot"

The first couple of days in Delhi Rob got some serious stomach pains whenever he ate and he had some serious runnies while I was meaning I was golden no problems. Then we came to Kashmir and things started to change for me. I went almost 5 days without anything. I mean the one was coming but the 2 was a no go. I was solid in the belly and it wasn't coming out. I was a little worried because I needed something to move but I wasn't having any luck. I mean "shit" it should be easy to move come on gravity have some fun here and help out. While I was shit out of luck Rob was doing enough for the both of us. Everytime he ate about half an hour later it was go time. Full fledge poop shoot. It was killing me watching him get stuff out of himself and I'm sure he was hoping he would be able to hold something in.

Well on our second to last day on the water treking it hit me hard. The night before I wasn't doing to well, I mean I had some stomach aches and stuff like that but I was sure it was because I hadn't crapped in a long time. Well it turns out it was because I had Delhi belly and the next morning it was time for my body to remove everything that it had saved up. It now became a contest between my body and my brain on how many times I could actually stop and crap. Well I'm on a boat without a toilet so you can imagine I wasn't pleased and neither was my body. We both agreed that I should do some walking while the boat paddled up river (we meaning my body and my brain). I hit the shore and well so did some other things pretty quick. I spent the next hour walking on the shore stopping with massive cramps, poop breaks, and the occasional up chuck. Ya it wasn't much fun.

I went back to the boat at noon and we picked up some drugs from the chemist, which I didnt take as I wasn't sure what it was. Rob hooked me up with some Gravel and I was out like a light. 5 hours later we reached out destination and I ate very little for the rest of the trip. Since then Rob and I have been blowing through the TP as its a contest to see who can drop more in one day. Robs still way ahead.

The funny thing is one of the first things one of the other travellers we met said that "You'll end up talking about your shit alot on this trip" The dude was totally right.

I've posted more pics so please have a look.

Best of luck to the boys going to CIS this coming weekend, could someone please email their times and how we placed. Thanks


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