Thursday, May 12, 2005

Fish is yummy in my tummy

Being a guy who grew up in the Salmon Fishing capital of the world, yes that is correct in the world. I haven't been eating fish for a long time because I was poor and well I thought I didn't like it as much as chicken or beef but lately I can't get enough of the smelly stuff. I'm a full fledged fish freak. My buddy gave me some sockeye salmon and man its killa'. Lately I've been adding salmon to my home made sushi and wow does the little lady ever love it ;) OK made that last part up. I cooked up way to much fish last night so I had left overs today for lunch. Ah the real reason I wrote this blog.

After lunch I've been super full, super productive, super smelly breath, and super happy. I have to say this is all because of the super yummy fish sandwich I had for lunch.

I keep singing to myself "Yummy fish in my tummy"

Rock on


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