Monday, May 30, 2005


Ok at my apartment you aren't allowed to bar-b-q something about being a massive fire hazard. But if you have ever seen a ghetto then you can imagine the place that I live in. Ok its not really a ghetto but its pretty bunk. The buzzer system doesn't work, we have a flickering light in the hall (can we say scary movie), and the dude whos supposed to be the caretaker is the most skecky looking dude of all time.

So this weekend in Victoria is was pimping hot. So hot that I thought that I was in Cali but no I was Vic. All weekend I was hurting for some bbq chicken and after a long Sunday of being at the beach, watching a bike race, and running 20kms I thought I need to fill this craving.

Out I bust the habachee (ok smart guy how do you spell that one?) fire it up on the deck, cook up some corn, the girlie makes a kicking salad, and we are ready to roll. I put the chicken on the bbq and soon we are eating like kings. One of Sonja's friends brought over the two bite brownies and desert to was done.

Two weeks ago fish and this weekend it was the kill-a-bbq. Man I should change this blog from about running and coding to be about my dealings with food. Oh ya we got chili on the plate for dinner tonight. Feel sorry for the runners who have to run behind him hahahah suckers.

Rock on :)


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