Tuesday, January 11, 2005

I'm I a yuppie?

I was out for a run with a bunch of friends the other day and my "nice" friends started kidding me about being a Yuppie. Now I would normally let this kind of ribbing go but I was actually interested to find out if I'm actually one of these people.

The definition of a Yuppie is the following:

" "Yuppie" is a shorthand for "Young Urban Professional".

It is used to describe people between their early twenties and late thirties, generally of the middle-to-upper class. Yuppies tend to be fresh from graduate school and hold a job in the professional sector, and follow all the latest trends. In many cases, in the late 1990s, yuppies looked and sounded a lot like the cast of Friends."

Lets go through the check list:

twenties yup
middle class yup
job in the professional sector yup
follows the latest trends nope

Well I fail one of the criteria of being a yuppie, I don't enjoy buying the newest clothes, driving a nice car, or even watching the trendy tv shows. In fact I'm more of a granola type of person. I've got a pair of birkenstocks I love to wear all summer, I eat super healthy, don't drink coffee because I don't like the taste of it and I hate Starbucks. In fact I really don't like big business as they tend not to care about the environment and the possible damage their product has on it.

After researching the word yuppie (5 minutes on google) I came across the definition of a "Yippie" which is a yuppie who is a hippie. If I have to fit into a classification I'm more likely going to fit into this one. I drive a small old car that doesn't burn a lot of fuel and didn't cost me a lot, I don't like to cut my hair, and I have a half decent job. All of which make me a Yippie. So how else can I end this blog other then I'm a yippie, "Yippie" lol

"Yippie I'm a Yippie"


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