Thursday, January 06, 2005

Is there one prostitute that likes her job?

Is there one prostitute that likes her job?

That was the question I was asked yesterday. At first I was thought that there couldn't be one women who enjoys being a prostitute. Then I thought about it some more. If there are 6 billion people in the world and lets say of that 6 billion there are 100 million prostitutes, it seems impossible that one of the 100 million doesn't like her job. Based purely on the numbers alone statistics will tell you that there must be one person who enjoys offering herself up for sex.

I read in a GQ or some type of magazine about the hookers in Hollywood who charge ten grand a night. These women are super model quality and most people never know that they are being paid to have sex with the men that they are with. Do these type of women enjoy their job? I think if you are charging ten grand to shag Tom Cruise you might have a few nights when you enjoy your job. I would imagine that these type of women have a little more control over what they do, where they do it, and who they do.

Now if you define prostitutes as people who are forced into having sex, then no I don't think there is a women out there that enjoys what they do. If you are forced to give up your body because you have no other way to make money then there is no way a person can enjoy what they are doing because they have lost the ability to walk away.

I guess what I'm saying is a prostitute could possibly enjoy their job if they have choices. Once a person, be it a prostitute or not, loses all choices on what they are doing for a job then they cannot enjoy that job or there lives. I have more to say but I have to go to work and pimp myself out to the company I work for.....


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During on period of my life, I occasionally visited prostitutes. I didn't usually find the experiences entirely satisfactory. It seemed obvious to me that the girls really didn't enjoy being with me and this put a damper on my own enthusiasm. The thing I hated the most was when they faked passion and orgasm.

However, in spite of what some women say, it seemed to me that several of them did indeed get some pleasure from being with me, and I think I'm sophisticated enough not to be fooled that easily. A woman faking pleasure does not get erect and engorged nipples.

One in particular stood out. She was very intelligent, with a wonderful and engaging personality. Even though the deal was "no kissing", she started kissing me on the first session, and a large part of our time was spent in doing deep kissing. She was from a third world country, told me she had been a top student, and I think that if she had been born here, she would have been a very successful businesswoman. When I quizzed her about her attitude, she explained. "When I first felt it necessary to do this, I had two choices. One was to bemoan my fate and to feel bad about myself all the time. The other was to try to enjoy it and learn from it and to make myself and others happy. I chose the second route."

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